Why Incentive Travel

Why Incentive Travel?

Less than 25% of your workers are working at their full potential and 50% of them do no more than they are asked. One way to increase individual and team performance is by a well planned incentive program.
Incentive programs can increase individual performance by 27% and team performance by 45%.

How should I reward my employees for their performance?

Out of all the incentive opportunities, travel is the top reward choice of incentive winners. We take pride in the satisfaction that our customers receive. According to the Forum Corporation, 70% of unhappy customers abandon vendors because of poor service. By selecting one of our incentive programs, your employees will be more willing to go the extra mile in order to make your customers satisfied.

Why should I offer a travel incentive instead of monetary incentives?

Studies show that monetary incentives do not motivate as well as non-monetary incentives and monetary rewards have less lasting value. It has been found that it would take double the money to make a reward as worthwhile as any other incentive reward. 66% of executives believe that travel and merchandise incentive programs are more memorable than those using money; and 60% of executives believe that creating an incentive program is easier with travel and merchandise incentives rather than monetary incentives. Travel rewards work best when companies want to set apart the incentive program from monetary compensation so that the reward system does not become expected. There will be a greater impact on your employees if the recognition value for your awards are high. Not only can you offer travel incentives to your employees, but also to your top customers. For example, group travel can be arranged for the first 50 customers to buy a new product or the top 20 repeat customers.